The Common Thread Mercantile opened its doors in 2010 in a quaint antique community, Milburn, Illinois. The shop was located in the barn of the Milburn Manor estate that was established in 1847. I loved the ambiance there. To our right was a Christmas tree farm, and straight ahead was an 8-sided gazebo amidst a setting of wildflowers. When we weren’t busy with customers, we sat on the porch taking in the peaceful view…a Zen place for sure!

The physical doors of the shop closed in 2013 so that I could downsize and begin preparations for retirement. In 2015 I moved back to West Virginia where most of my extended family lives today.

Now it’s time for Take 2 of The Common Thread Mercantile! I moved back home to Nitro, West Virginia. After taking some time to settle into the retirement lifestyle, I found shop space close to home that was perfect, and TCTM doors opened again at 153 Main Avenue in Nitro, about 2 miles away and directly across the street from Diehl’s Restaurant, home of some of my favorite sweet tea!

Kathy Shaffer, Owner